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12/08/07 Annual Elections Everyone
11/10/07 TBD
10/13/07 TBD
VFP 9 introduced a new beast called the ReportListener which gives you the ability to extend your reports beyond the native behavior. In this session you'll learn all about this animal and how to take advantage of it, and:
  • How to run reports using a ReportListener
  • What properties are available and what they can do
  • What methods are available and what power they have
  • About the ReportListeners provided with VFP
  • Some cool tricks provided courtesy of custom ReportListeners
Cathy Pountney
08/07 Summer Vacation - No meeting
07/07 Summer Vacation - No meeting
06/09/07 Developing VFP Applications on Vista Doug Hennig
05/12/07 Cancelled - due to conflicts with some of the Officers, speakers and location

VFPX Tools and Components – Live

Rick Schummer
03/10/07 John Harvey: His “WASP” program, Web connection, and google mapping. 

With a mounting backlog of arrest warrants numbering in the tens of thousands, officers struggling to access important information in a timely fashion, and dangerous fugitives slipping through the cracks, Lt. John Harvey of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) was determined to do something. By integrating a number of Microsoft® products, most notably, Microsoft Visual FoxPro® 9.0, a system was created that addresses many of the problems the SCSO faced. This new, cost-conscious system, known as the Wireless Apprehension Solution Project (WASP), has greatly increased the effectiveness of the law enforcement officers in the field, more than doubled productivity for the agencies using it, and has filled in most of the cracks that the fugitives were far too often slipping though.

John Harvey


SQL Queries in Visual FoxPro 9 ~ Lunch Break ~ Getting the most out of Intellisense Andy Kramek
01/13/07 Ahhhh moments from Southwest Fox… Cathy Pountney

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