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Annual Elections - Currently held positions (2009):

President: Jody Meyer

Vice President: Cathy Pountney

Secretary: Mike Timpe

Treasurer: Mike Potjer

Webmaster: Jody Meyer

Postponed until January 2010 – We swapped this meeting so we could have our special meeting in August 2009
The GRAFUG November meeting is being cancelled in lieu of the special “GR GiveCamp” event which falls on the same weekend. We are encouraging all our members to donate their time to this wonderful event. Here’s some info from their website (www.grgivecamp.org).

GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where technology professionals – from designers, developers and database administrators to marketers and web strategists – donate their time to provide solutions for non-profit organizations.

Some organizations may need a new website or a renewal of an old one. For others, GiveCamp helps them make the leap from Excel spreadsheets to true donor databases. And for still others, this is an opportunity to think strategically, with the help of a consultant, about their social media presence or e-mail marketing. This is about matching the needs of non-profits with the talent of our local technology-loving community.

Any 501(3) can apply to participate in GiveCamp. Accepted non-profits will be matched with a project liaison prior to GiveCamp who will help them shape their project and answer any critical questions to ensure the weekend is a success.

For volunteers, GiveCamp provides a unique opportunity to connect with the local tech community. A typical GiveCamp draws 75 to 100 volunteers. Individuals can work with their colleagues in company teams, or they can opt to be matched with fellow volunteers who have complementary skill sets.

Everyone is welcome to head home for the evenings – but there are always the diehards who work from Friday kickoff straight through Sunday afternoon. Food and drinks, especially of the caffeinated variety, are provided, along with game systems for breaks.

Please go to the website and follow the links to register to volunteer your time. You can volunteer as a technical person .. or a non-technical person. The deadline for technical volunteers is 10/15 so there’s only a few more days left.

Cathy Pountney


Jody Meyer

have already joined GR Give Camp… how about you?
Jody Meyer - pre-Southwest Fox session

* Speak to Me: Applying MS Office Automation to Real Business

Mike Feltman of FI Technologies - pre-Southwest Fox session

* HTML and Visual FoxPro

Jody Meyer


Mike Feltman
Cathy Pountney - pre-Southwest Fox session

* Making the Most of VFP 9 SP2 Reports (Part I)

* Making the Most of VFP 9 SP2 Reports (Part II)

Cathy Pountney
Rick Schummer - pre-Southwest Fox session

* Enhancing the Visual FoxPro IDE with VFPX Tools

Jim Nelson - pre-Southwest Fox session

* PEM Editor

Rick Schummer & Jim Nelsen
Summer Vacation - No meeting
AdvantageDatabase Logo Sybase iAnywhere - Advantage Database

You already know that Visual FoxPro is one of the best tools available for application development, but did you know that Advantage Database Server has better support for Visual FoxPro than any other database engine? Join us as we take you on a tour through the product. We'll introduce you to Sybase and how Advantage fits into the big picture there. Then, we'll move on to the technical aspect of the server and why it's different than any other database engine. You'll see getting started tips and demos to view first hand just how easy it is for FoxPro developers to move to client/server with Advantage. We'll even provide development versions of the software for attendees. See you there.

Chris Franz, ADS Sales Engineer


Jay Wendt, ADS Sales
Toni Feltman of FI Technologies - pre- Southwest Fox session

* Using Subversion and Tortoise with Visual FoxPro

Toni is going to take a fast paced, action packed look at using Subversion and Tortoise as the version control repository for FoxPro applications. We all know that FoxPro developers are cheap and how much cheaper can you get than FREE! Subversion and Tortoise are both free tools that despite the price, work very well for version control.

The biggest problem using any version control system with FoxPro is the darned binary files (SCX, MNX, PJX, VCX and FRX). Toni will show you several tools that she uses to help with the process of working with these binary source code files and version control systems. This session is not to be missed.

Toni Feltman
BullZip – is a free PDF Printer / ActiveX control that can be used during Visual FoxPro report generation. It is must have control if you want to print reports to PDF that can also append (top or bottom) and/or superimpose to an existing PDF report. Text watermarks are also a breeze. BullZip allows you to password protect the generated PDF as well. Come learn more during Jody Meyer's presentation.
Jody Meyer
Mike Hogan - will be talking on Internet Programming using Visual FoxPro and Web Connect. He will use his condo management and real estate applications as examples
Mike Hogan
Skype - What is it and how to use it

Twitter- Twitter.com - TweetDeck - twill

Cathy Pountney


Jody Meyer
1) Remote Desktop Access using a VPN connection

2) Safely Connecting to a Customer's network - Improving your customer support without depending upon accurate details from the customer.

Mike Timpe

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