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But it looks Old! Implementing VFPX Components into Production Apps

How to use GDI+, VFPx and other 3rd party add-ons (mostly free) to give your application new life, and a few problems you may run into.

Rick Bean

My favorite SQL Server tools

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is a core component for developers to use to manage SQL Server databases and the tasks you work with daily. This session is going to focus on the different tools Rick uses outside of SSMS and one that he uses to enhance the query side of SSMS to improve productivity and simplify the deployment of changes to production database servers.

Rick Schummer
White Light Computing

How I use SQL Sever Data in VFP

Rick's company went from xBase tables to FP tables in a mixed FPW/VFP environment to now almost exclusively using MS SQL Server. While he'll probably touch on some other techniques that they looked at, he can provide more information and answer more questions based on what they use now.

If you remember, Rick prensented this topic last year but couldn't show any code because his laptop wasn't cooperating. And you know us... we like to see code! Thanks so much Rick!

Rick Bean

T-SQL - Now that you've got your data in SQL Server, what's next? by Rick Schummer

Rick's Skype-ing in to give us the scoop... about a great VFPx must have tool: GoFish! It's an absolute must see!

SQL Server Daze: Getting to know SQL Server a little better

If we have time, Jody thought she would lead a very informal discussion and demonstration of SQL Server Management Studio: Create some tables, views, etc. Let's explore and have some fun.

Rick Schummer

Jody Meyer

T-SQL: Now that you've got your data in SQL Server, What's Next?

Rick's company went from xBase tables to FP tables in a mixed FPW/VFP environment to now almost exclusively using MS SQL Server. This session Rick will talk about:

1) Converting some xBase code to Stored Procedures
2) Getting back some of the speed you have probably lost by going away from VFP tables

Rick Bean
07/14/12 S U M M E R     B R E A K  
08/11/12 S U M M E R     B R E A K  

Southwest Fox Speaker

SWFox Practice Double-Header: Cathy Knight & Rick Schummer


Southwest Fox Speaker

SWFox Practice Session: Cathy Knight

Cathy Knight

2012 SWFox in Review

Lessons from the School of Black & Blue: SQL Newbie

Going from Visual FoxPro standalone tables to SQL Server should be a no brainer. Right? I mean seriously, Visual FoxPro is a tool to work with databases. It has a pretty robust SQL command. So does SQL Server. Serious, how hard can this be? Well, after programming almost exclusively in Fox for ... um ... a very long time, I found the transition a bit challenging and a little intimidating and downright humbling at times. Yup... I got a bit grayer and a bit black and blue over some of my experiences. My hopes, is that through this session, that you will learn from my lumps and bumps, hair pulling, teeth grinding and save you a bit of time too when it comes to answering questions like:

  • Why isn't this *&!#$! SELECT statement working?
  • So I just have to add a 1 to the date value, right?
  • Where's the heck is that field used?
  • You did what? – Restoring a Database
  • Resource


Jody L Meyer
12/08/12 W I N T E R     B R E A K - Happy Holidays!  

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