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01/10/15  P O S T P O N E D  ~ Due to weather  
02/14/15  P O S T P O N E D  ~ Due to weather  
03/14/15   Open Discussion Everyone

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  • Currently held positions (2014):
    • President: Jody Meyer
    • Secretary: Mike Lyzun
    • Treasurer: Mike Potjer
    • Webmaster: Jody Meyer

~ What's Up! 2015?!?~

~ Git and SubVersion ~

Mike Potjer

Cancelled .... Happy Mother's Day!


GIT continuation...

Last month Mike lead a lively discussion on GIT. This month the discussion will continue with more indepth details as to why and how with GIT.

Mike Potjer
07/11/15  S U M M E R     B R E A K  
08/01/15  S U M M E R     B R E A K  
09/12/15 Southwest Fox 2015, Gilbert, AZ, October 15 - 18, 2015

SWFox Practice Session: Your Developer Life Improved By Thor

It has been nearly a decade since Microsoft has made any improvements to the Visual FoxPro Interactive Development Environment (IDE). The release of Visual FoxPro 9 included some critical extensibility with the addition of Property Editors and MenuHits. Additionally, we have the ability to create and use Builders and extend IntelliSense to meet our needs. Over the past couple of years I have been optimizing my IDE experience to save time via updates and upgrades to IntelliSense, but the most bang for my buck in this regard has been the innovations provided by Thor.

In this session I show a number of things that Thor provides to extend and improve the Visual FoxPro IDE. Not only will you see some of the great things the Fox Community has contributed to the Thor Repository (a treasure trove of cool functionality and features), but I expose you to some of the plumbing, explain how these tools work, and show you how to create your own tools with the hope of inspiring you to write some of your own tools to share with the community.

You will learn:

  • About some Thor tools I find indispensable
  • How Thor's tools are assembled
  • What it takes to create a Thor tool
  • How to leverage and create Thor Templates

Prerequisites: Ability to install Thor on your computer, or have it installed already

Rick Schummer

 SWFox 2015 Practice Session: From Developer to Manager

It is no surprise that as seniority increases, the draw on experiences over abilities tends to also increase. There is a natural progression in any career to move from a full-time doer to a manager over time. When working in the technical fields, how do you best handle this progression? It is very unlikely that any one of us will go to sleep one night as a full-time coder and wake up the next morning as a manager with no programming duties. There are so many facets to management from the basic HR duties to motivating employees to work above and beyond their capabilities. It is an extremely difficult and rewarding role to fill.

This session is intended to be a fully interactive session led by the speaker but controlled by the feedback of the audience. Be sure to bring your best ideas and stories to this session.

You will learn:

  • What makes a good manager
  • The roles that a manger might have to fill and why
  • About team size and how the roles differ based on the size
  • About non-traditional work environments and how they effect management and team dynamics: telecommuting managers, telecommuting workers, teams across time zones
  • About some tools that managers can use for measuring success

Prerequisites: None

Toni Feltman

Looking back at SWFox 2015

SWFox 2015 was AWESOME (as usual). All the sessions were excellent and gave us much to ponder, use and explore. Those of us that were able to go would like to share our experiences there.


  • What sessions we attended
  • What we liked
  • How we plan on using the new insight
  • How we can get more involved with the community
  • ???
  • Next Year 2016 - September 22-25
12/12/15 small snowflake W I N T E R     B R E A K - Happy Holidays  

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