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Annual Elections

  • Currently held positions (2015):
    • President & Webmaster: Jody Meyer
    • Secretary: Mike Lyzun
    • Treasurer: Mike Potjer

~ What's Up! 2016?!?~

02/13/16  GIT and Thor overview Mike Potjer

 Non-Traditional Reporting...

 Exploring a few of the VFP 9.0 Report writer enhancements:

  • Multi-detail line reports
  • One use of report listeners
  • GDI+ report programming
Rick Bean

 An Introduction to Xbase++

 In this session, Andreas will:

  • Give an overview of the Xbase++ language and its features
  • Describe some of the differences to VFP (compiled vs. interpreted)
  • Mention some of the advantages of Xbase++ (like Multi-Threading, fast and easy Array and String manipulations, Internet and Web features, etc.)
  • Show a GUI application written in Xbase++ (that uses those features)
  • Answer any and all questions about Xbase++ that might come up
Andreas Gehrs-Pahl

Mike Potjer's son is participating in a Robotics Scrimmage. Let's go too!

Here's all the info on the scrimmage:

Covenant Christian high School FTC Scrimmage

Covenant Christian High School
1401 Ferndale Ave, SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49534

GRAFUG goes to Robotics Scrimmage
Mike Potjer and son
06/11/16 TipsTricksShow Us your Tips, Tricks and Cool Stuff to Know Everyone!
07/09/16  S U M M E R     B R E A K  
08/13/16  S U M M E R     B R E A K  

 SWFox Practice Sessions:

"You have been Served": Service (and Controller) Applications by Andrea Gehrs-Pahl

~ and ~

Challenges of the Independent Consultant by Rick Schummer

Andreas Gehrs-Pahl


Rick Schummer
10/08/16  SWFox 2016 in Review  

 SQL Server Indexing Basics:

This presentation is a portion of Jody's SWFox session: "SQL Server Indexing for the Rest of Us"

We will go over:

  • Indexing fundamentals
  • Best practices and myths
  • Some Indexing strategies
  • Query strategies
Jody L Meyer
12/10/16  W I N T E R     B R E A K - Happy Holidays  

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