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Andreas Gehrs-Pahl Presents - An Introduction to Xbase++ This download is the presentation text, source code files and video of our meeting of 04/04/2016 where Andreas presented xbase++. Password Request
Mike Potjer Presents - Working with GIT This download is a video of our meeting of 2/13/2016 where Mike presented GIT. Password Request
Dave Hanna Presents - Introduction to Regular Expressions This presentation provides an introduction to a powerful tool called "regular expressions". Regular expressions are available in many types of applications (e.g., editors, word processors and system tools), but their power is most fully exposed when used via a programming language. Password Request
Jody Meyer Presents - BullZip a free PDF Printer / ActiveX control that can be used during Visual FoxPro report generation.  It is must have control if you want to print reports to PDF that can also append (top or bottom) and/or superimpose to an existing PDF report.  Text watermarks are also a breeze.  BullZip allows you to password protect the generated PDF as well. Password Request
Mike Potjer Presents - Reading/writing Excel 2007 (and earlier) files without using automation. Password Request
The Andy & Marcia Show! Andy Kramek and Marcia Atkins have given us their presentation from the June 2008 seminar. 

The download includes (NOTE: Only available to paid attendees.):

Implementing Design Patterns in Visual FoxPro: 
Password Request
Jay Van Santen Personalizing VFP Applications source code provided by Jay from his presentation he gave at the March 2008 meeting. Password Request
Andy Kramek Advanced SQL Queries in Visual FoxPro 9 source code from Andy's presentation he gave at the February 2007 meeting. Password Request
Andy Kramek Getting the most out of Intellisense source code from Andy's presentation he gave at the February 2007 meeting. Password Request
Andy Kramek Kramek Data Classes Andy's White Paper on the presentation he gave at the May 2006 meeting  
Cathy Pountney Report Writer Tips & TricksSource code from Cathy Pountney's February 2001 presentation.  
Glenn Domeracki ClassNavigator is Glenn's modified version of Michael G. Emmons' utility. Michael's ClassNavigator makes working with programmatic classes easier and Glenn's mods that allow OLE Drag & Drop make using the utility even easier.

(NOTE: This modified version of ClassNavigator is only available to GRAFUG members who have been given the password)
Rick Schummer ViewEditor The ViewEditor is a utility designed to overcome many of the limitations of the VFP View Designer, providing easy access to some of the properties that are not made available by the View Designer, and allowing developers to create complex views that could only be maintained in code otherwise (downloads available for VFP 6.0 and VFP 7.0)  
Rick Bean TimedMB Rick Bean told us that he had found a way to add time-out capability to the VFP MESSAGEBOX() for VFP 6.0 and earlier.  If you don't want to wait until VFP 7.0 to get this functionality, check out his MESSAGEBOXX.PRG wrapper program