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Visual FoxPro Tips & Tricks (part 1):  based on Drew Speedie's presentation at DevCon 2001 Mike Potjer
Cool Tool: IntelliSense script written to duplicate the keyword expansion capability that many of us have come to rely on in the Cobb Editor Extensions (CEE).
11/10/01 Project Object and Project Hooks: Cool features of VFP which can make our jobs as developers even easier than it already is... whoops the boss didn't hear that did he? Rick Bean
Cool Tool: TBA n/a
10/13/01 Web Services and DevCon Details: With DevCon over and with Mike as our representative he has volunteered to fill us in on all the juicy good stuff presented this year at the Advisor DevCon.  In addition he will talk about web services a bit in connection with the DevCon discussion, since it seemed to be one of the "hot" features for this year's DevCon. Mike Potjer
Cool Tool: NewClass. Ever need to replace that Base Class with your Whiz Bang whirly color blinkin auto finder?  Well, this tool will change classes of existing objects on forms. Glenn Domeracki

No Meeting: Cancelled


No Meeting: Summer Vacation Looking for presenters!  (Send an email to Mike if you're interested in presenting a topic.)


No Meeting: Summer Vacation Looking for presenters!  (Send an email to Mike if you're interested in presenting a topic.)

06/09/01 Officer Elections (Offices available are President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary and any member in good standing is eligible to hold an office. We will also be electing a Webmaster.) See June Meeting notes for hanging chad status
Cool Tool:  This month's cool tool was Stephen Sawyer's ViewEditor Mike Potjer

No Meeting: Cancelled

04/10/01 Visual FoxExpress 6.0 (Complete n-tier solution for Visual FoxPro application development) Mike Feltman

F1 Technologies 

(special presentation expected to last 2½ hours)

xCase (allows you to accurately design your database by capturing every detail about your customer's business information world)
FullContact (a rich source-code based Contact Management framework extension for Visual FoxExpress 6.0)
03/10/01 Stonefield Database Toolkit  (Doug Henning's toolkit for managing the VFP database container) Mike Potjer
Cool Tool: Cob Editor Extensions (A utility that extends the FoxPro editor with additional features) Glenn Domeracki
02/10/01 Report Writer Tips & Tricks  (A compilation of many different tips and tricks for the FoxPro Report Writer) Cathy Pountney
Cool Tool: Class Navigator  (A utility for working with programmatic-based classes. Includes mods for OLE Drag & Drop.) Glenn Domeracki
01/13/01 Introductions & Open Discussions Cathy Pountney

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